Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 15th March 2011

Meeting of


7.30pm 15th March 2011, The Martin Room

Present: Cllr N Farthing, Cllr R Griffin, Cllr A Kibbel, Cllr D Dorling.
Mrs M Gardiner (clerk).

1 - Apologies for absence: Cllr H Painter Cllr M Sargent,

2 - Declarations of interest: none.

3 - Public Forum: Residents present had no specific issues to discuss.

The Chairman convened the meeting.

4 - Planning applications:
TPO65(1980)9 - Mulberry House, Church Hill
(i)T1 walnut - shorten all extended lateral limb with selective tip and reduction - approx 15% and remove one limb growing over wall; (ii) T2 sycamore - fell; (iii) T3 cherry - fell; (iv) T4 holly - shorten limb over churchyard by 30%and (v) T5 walnut - crown lift lower limbs to 3 metres - all trees within Area A1 on Order.
After carefully considering the proposals, Councillors agreed unanimously to support this application.
SE/11/0192 - Nether Hall, The Street, Pakenham
Erection of (i) open barn in south courtyard to link existing outbuilding and store and (ii) two link walls with arched openings at the entrance of the south courtyard.
A letter from the applicant was read to Councillors which explained the reasons for this application. The plans were carefully studied and all Councillors agreed to support the application.
SE/11/0224 - Fern Cross, Stow Road, Ixworth
Erection of single storey side and rear extension incorporating garage (following demolition of existing garage)
This residence is in Ixworth Parish. However, Pakenham Councillors studied the plans and agreed unanimously that they have no objection to the application.

5 - Dates & venues of future meetings were agreed as follows:
Thursday 31st March - Martin Room.
Thursday 19th May - Pakenham Village Hall.
Annual Parish Meeting & Pakenham Parish Council AGM
Thursday 30th June - Pakenham Village Hall
Thursday 4th August - Pakenham Village Hall
Thursday 8th September - Martin Room
Thursday 27th October - Pakenham Village Hal
Thursday 1st December - Pakenham Village Hall

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