Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 25th January 2011

Meeting of


7.30pm 25th January 2011, The Martin Room

Present: Cllr H Painter, Cllr M Sargent, Cllr N Farthing, Cllr R Griffin, Cllr A Kibbel, Cllr D Dorling, Borough Councillor C Spicer and County Councillor Hopfensperger. Mrs M Gardiner (clerk).

1 - Apologies for absence: Cllr M Bryant

2 - Declarations of interest: none.

3 - Public Forum: Residents present had no specific issues to discuss.

4 - County Councillor's Report:
Cllr Hopfensperger reminded Councillors about the meeting at the Apex next Monday.
She is looking into new roles for Councillors, when they will have more of a say in budgets. This will take place in 2012 and training will take place before then.
Consultation is taking place regarding Suffolk Libraries.
Bury St Edmunds should continue; the future of Ixworth is under discussion. It is possible libraries could combine with Post Offices. Mobile libraries will continue - they could possibly include Post Office and/or mobile bank facilities. Please encourage residents to pass on their opinions.
There will be a reduction in funding for some bus services.
Demand responsive transport could be the answer - organised by Suffolk Links. Cllr Hopfensperger will pass on Pakenham's wish for the bus service to continue as it is a lifeline for some of our villagers.
Crossing patrols will continue until the end of the summer term.
The Locality Grant cheque towards the purchase of Church Green Wood is on its way.
The Grimstone End sign by the watermill has been removed. It has been retrieved from the mill stream and Cllr Dorling will replace it on the pole.
Highways - Cllr Spicer asked Cllr Hopfensperger to accompany him on a tour or the village in the Spring to check on road repairs that may be required.
He asked if Pakenham would be affected by the cut-backs. Cllr Hopfensperger said she feared there would be less money available to the Highways Dept for road repairs. More use may be made of her Locality budget.

5 - Borough Councillor's Report:
Grit bin - Cllr Spicer thanked the Parish Council.
Footpath stiles - have they been repaired? The footpath behind the Owell is very wet - could duckboards be provided? Councillors will try to find who owns the land.
Localism Bill - Cllr Spicer explained the bill briefly.
Mill Road site - Cllr Spicer to attend a meeting with the Chief Executive of St Edmundsbury Borough Council about the enforcement issue.
The Borough Council is freezing salaries over £22,000 and there will be a 10% freeze on grants.
Cllr Spicer will be at the NSD meeting at the Apex on Monday 31st January and encouraged Councillors to join him.

6 - Police report:
PCSO Krista Wilding attended the meeting and reported that two crimes had been reported in Pakenham during January - driving a vehicle with excessive alcohol; and
criminal damage to a fence panel. Hare coursing is still taking place in the area.
Ixworth Police Station will be open 9.00-11.00am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1st December 2010.
Bury St Edmunds Public Priority Tasking Meeting dates for 2011.

Your Safer Neighbourhood Team are as follows...
Inspector 62 Jane Hertzog; Sergeant 696 Kevin Jay
PC 161 Sheena Tate; PC 1251 Simon Collins
PCSO 3199 Krista Wilding; PCSO 3123 Jonathan Burke
PCSO 3242 William Pardoe; PCSO 3215 Gemma Robinson
You can contact us by telephone on 01284 774223 or email us on

The Chairman convened the meeting.

7 - Approve minutes of meeting held 7th December 2010:
Councillors agreed that these should be signed as a true record.

8 - Clerk's report:
Memorial - a request for a memorial to be erected in the Lawn Cemetery was considered and agreed.
BSE Vision 2031 Masterplan-launch will be on 2nd February 2011 at The Apex. The Chaiman hopes to attend.
Questionnaire on emptying litter and dog bins - was completed for return to St Edmundsbury.
A letter from David Ruffley regarding the enforcement issues at Mill Road was read to the meeting.
The NHS have agreed that a pharmacy may open in Thurston.
Training at SALC - it was agreed that the Clerk may attend a general training in February.

9 - Planning application:
SE/10/0756 - Bridge House
Amendments to previous application altering annexe accommodation to accommodate additional parking space.
Councillors unanimously agreed that they had no objection to the amendments.

SE/10/1597 - Pakenham Lodge
Erection of (i) single storey rear extension (ii) first floor infill extension to front elevation and (iii) internal alterations.
Councillors carefully studied the plans for these alterations and unanimously agreed that they have no objection to the plans

SE/10/0632 - The Broadway, Grimstone End
The applicant is taking this case to a Planning Appeal (date to be advised).

2 Micklemere - Contrary to conditions applied by the Inspector at the Appeal, there does not seem to be a parking space provided. St Edmundsbury have been advised of the problem and are looking into the matter.

Approved: Woodstock House.

10 - Finance Report:
A Finance Report was circulated. All payments were agreed.
It was unanimously agreed to re-appoint D Thrower to cut grass and hedges in the village, subject to proof of current indemnity insurance.
Refurbishment of noticeboards - a quote for this work is to be requested.

11 - Church Green Wood:
The Council has paid for the wood and is awaiting confirmation of purchase from the solicitors.
Cllr Spicer passed details of St Edmundsbury BCs tree supplier to the Chairman.
Neighbours are to be contacted and advised when the tree work is to take place.

12 - 'We didn't vote for this' Unison campaign:
Cllr Griffin was surprised that we had been contacted by Unison with a request to distribute their petition. Councillors are not prepared to help with this.

13 - Correspondence for circulation:
SCC : New Strategic Direction; The Localism Bill
Police : Minutes of Public Community Tasking Meeting
Suffolk Preservation Society : Suffolk View
SALC : Precept demands 2011-2012
The Suffolk Foundation : Beccles rail link
Royal British Legion : Great Poppy Weekend 10-12 June 2011
Spinal Injuries Association : Age UK Suffolk
Outdoor furniture : Healthy communities

14 - Councillor's reports: none.

15 - Date of next meeting:
Date of Annual Parish Meeting & Pakenham Parish Council AGM - Thursday 19th May in Pakenham Village Hall.

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