Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 11th December 2008

Meeting of


7.30pm 11th December 2008, The Martin Room, St Mary's Church

Present: Cllr H Painter (Chairman), Cllr R Griffin, Cllr A Keeble, & Cllr D Dorling. Borough Cllr C Spicer, 2 members of the public and Mrs M Gardiner (clerk) were also in attendance.

1 - Apologies for absence:
Cllr N Farthing, Cllr M Sargent and Cllr M Bryant.

2 - Public Forum:
Allotments - The committee have asked if shed roofs could be pent rather than apex to make rainwater harvesting easier. Councillors agreed. The Borough Council has been approached for a grant. The Parish Council will consider match funding but would prefer the money to be spent on capital work, ie provision of water, rather than the provision of sheds.
Barn Owl boxes - thanks have been received for the donation.

3 - Declaration of interest: none.

The Chairman convened the meeting.

4 - Planning applications:

SE/08/1616 - Linden House, Church Hill, Pakenham
(i) Alterations to fenestrations to ground floor south-east elevation
(ii) replacement window to ground floor south-west elevation
(iii) internal alterations to enlarge cloakroom.
Councillors carefully discussed these alterations and unanimously agreed that they have no objection.

SE/08/1505 - Millers Meadow, Grimstone End.
Provision of polytunnel.
Councillors re-considered this in the light of further information. Mr Manning agreed to dig in the polytunnel to a depth of 600mm. He also agreed to maintain the hedge at 2.5m and to allow it to thicken.
In view of this, Councillors unanimously agreed that they have no objection to the proposal.

SE/06/1201 - 2 Maulkins Hall Drive, Fen Road.
Amendment to Planning Permission
Planners have agreed that the shiplap may be stained dark brown and not black as originally agreed.

SE/07/1547- 2 Micklemere. Appeal date14th January 2009.
The Chairman will attend the hearing accompanied by another Councillor.

5 - Local Development Framework:
The Chairman outlined the issues covered by the three documents that had been circulated.
The point that most concerns Councillors is the designation of the village of Pakenham. At present it is designated a Service Centre and this will be challenged. The village has no SCC school; public transport is not good; and the shop is too small to keep a reasonable range of goods. There are also very few employment opportunities in the village. Councillors consider that Pakenham should be designated an infill village.
The sites proposed for development within the next 5-20 years were also discussed. It is felt that any entrance to the site at Upper Town crossroads would be dangerous. A considerable amount of money has been spent there recently to help reduce accidents. The site along Fen Road will only be available if the business folds and we hope that will not happen.
The Chairman will draft a response and meet again with Councillors to approve it, before sending the Council's comments to the Borough by 5th January 2009.

6 - Finance:
The Parish Precept was checked again and signed, following unanimous agreement by Councillors.
Cheques signed: SALC - training; Clerk - Nov wages; D Thrower - grass-cutting.
The cheque to PVH & PFA for the grant of £2,000 from the Parish Council towards the provision of new play equipment on the playing field was also signed. The grass in the play area is contracted to be cut by the firm who erected the equipment. The Parish Council agreed unanimously to pay for this work.

7 - Date of next meeting:
7.30pm Thursday 15th January 2009, The Martin Room, St Mary's Church.
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