Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 21st November 2008

Meeting of


7.30pm 21st November 2008, The Martin Room, St Mary's Church

Present: Cllr H Painter (Chairman), Cllr N Farthing, Cllr M Sargent, Cllr R Griffin, Cllr A Keeble, Cllr M Bryant & Cllr D Dorling; Borough Cllr C Spicer & County Cllr R Hopfensperger. Several members of the public and Mrs M Gardiner (clerk) were also in attendance.

1 - Apologies for absence: none.

2 - Borough Councillor's report:
Cllr Spicer had attended the Safer Neighbourhood meeting, which was held once a month, and met Sheena Tate who is our Police Officer again.
The village hall is the centre of the village's emergency plan.
Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service - safety officer available to visit over 80's for help and advice.
Local Government Revue - the Boundary Committee reports next month.
Local Development Framework - the Bury St Edmunds area needs to find 2,500 new houses on brown field sites. Two sites, that might be available within the 23 years, have been suggested in Pakenham.
Gravel pit - Mr Anderson is moving his operations to Red Lodge and all the equipment will be removed.
2 Micklemere - appeal date awaited.
Site at end of Mill Road - Enforcement order has now been sent. Cllr Spicer will speak to the new Chief Executive to convey our dissatisfaction with the way this matter has been dealt with.
Cllr Spicer asked whether the allotment committee had approached the Borough for a grant. Reply was - not yet.

3 - County Councillor's report - HGV policies:
Trading Standards are going to be concentrating on vehicles misusing bridges and country roads. Checks will be done during the night. Signs saying 'ignore satnavs' have not yet been approved by the government. Not suitable for HGV signs will be pictorial to help foreign drivers.
Grimstone End signs should be erected before Christmas.

4 - Police report - no report available.
There had been a theft of red diesel from Mill Farm. The police took 24 hours to respond. Clerk to invite Sheena to January meeting.

5 - Public Forum:
Site at end of Mill Road - Neighbour asked Cllr Spicer if there was anyone she could contact over the Christmas holiday if unlawful work took place during that time. There is a Borough Council emergency line for Environmental Health, which will be circulated, but the owner is doing nothing illegal at present. County Cllr Hopfensperger will contact the Waste Dept as residents are worried that the materials on the site may be toxic and therefore a threat to residents and wildlife.

Clerk asked to investigate publishing minutes in the Bury Free Press at the request of residents.

Shetland Boats - Clerk to contact planners again regarding continuing use of the site without current planning consent.

6 - Declaration of interest: none.

The Chairman convened the meeting.

7 - Approve minutes of the meeting held on 16th October 2008.
Councillors agreed that these should be signed as a true record.

8 - Planning applications:

SE/08/1518 - Fen House, Fen Road, Pakenham
Continued use of 4no. Class 3 (residential rooms) to Class C1 (bed & breakfast),
Councillors unanimously agreed that they had no objection and that the Bed & Breakfast would be an asset to the area.

SE/08/1505 - Millers Meadow, Grimstone End.
Provision of polytunnel.
Councillors have no objection in principle, but we would like to see the polytunnel sited further from the road. It is in a very prominent position close to the watermill.

SE/08/0926 - Forklift & excavator training site.

Local Development Framework - for separate meeting.

9 - Heritage Trail - for January meeting.

10 - Clerk's report:
SCC have circulated methods of reporting incidents involving HGVs.
Freedom of Information Act - Councils have to publish a document in the new year. Clerk to attend training on the subject.
Church Wood - correspondence is with St Edmundsbury's Legal Department for consideration.
St Edmundsbury agreed to clear the leaves from the bus shelter.
The apple tree will be pruned to reduce the number of windfall apples in the bus stop area.
The ownership of a strip of land near Church Cottages was questioned. Chairman to follow up.
A request had been received regarding a chainsaw artist who had worked in the area.
Allotments - Permission was asked to split plot 1 into two plots. Agreed. Each plot will have a new contract.
A resident who wished to attend council meetings was not happy with the current venue during the winter months. Clerk to investigate availability of village hall for the January meeting.

11 - Finance Report - attached.
Councillors agreed specified payments should be made. A request for a donation towards a barn owl box was received and agreed unanimously.
The landlord of The Fox would like to look after the village pump which is just outside the pub. Councillors agreed to pay for any materials required for refurbishment.
Budget -  PVH & PFA. Councillors agreed to continue with the grant for the village hall, but they must know what the money is used for. It cannot be used for running costs.
Windmill - A grant may be available for refurbishment of the windmill. Owners will submit an estimate.
Church car park - needs levelling. M J Nunn to be contacted.
Village entrance gates - estimate to be obtained.
The Dell - a site meeting will be arranged after Christmas to consider any necessary work.
Risk assessment - going ahead. CCAS would like a map showing the position of assets. Asset list to include village pump and responsibility must include memorial safety.

12 - Correspondence circulated to Councillors:
SCC : Draft Fire Action Plan 2009/10, Communities & Local Government Code of Conduct for local government members & employees.
St Edmundsbury BC : Local Development Framework Standards Committee; Rural News.
Suffolk Preservation Soc : Community Planner, Boundary Committee proposal
CPRE : Countryside Voice
Havebury Housing : Promoting independence for older people.
Play equipment

13 - Open Forum:
Christmas tree - Cllrs Painter & Farthing agreed to purchase a Christmas tree for erection outside the village hall.
Proposed egg farm - new planning application expected.
Street cleaner - the former village street cleaner has expressed an interest in returning. Councillors agreed to keep the status quo.

14 - Date of next meeting:
7.30pm Thursday 15th January 2009, The Martin Room, St Mary's Church.

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