Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 28th August 2008

Meeting of


7.30pm 28th August 2008, The Martin Room, St Mary's Church

Present: Cllr H Painter (Chairman), Cllr N Farthing, Cllr M Sargent, Cllr R Griffin, Cllr M Bryant & Cllr D Dorling. Borough Cllr C Spicer, 12 members of the public and Mrs M Gardiner (clerk) were also in attendance.

1 - Apologies for absence: Cllr A Keeble.

2 - Borough Councillor's report:
Cllr Spicer has cancelled the application for the new street light for Fen Road, but is continuing to chase the erection of a light at The Greenwoods.

3 - County Councillor's report: none available.
Clerk to contact Cllr Hopfensperger regarding continuing satnav issues at Baileypool Bridge and the proposed Grimstone End sign. Clerk to contact.

4 - Police report: none available.

5 - Public Forum:
Pigs are now in a field at Gt Barton - is this the start of the pig enterprise that will eventually see them in Pakenham?
Allotments.- A letter had been received before the meeting and a representative of the allotment committee was present to bring up the question of sheds. They are actively looking for grants and asked if the Parish Council could help with funding, (even a loan), perhaps putting up the rents to help cover this. Councillors might be able to help with match funding and this will be discussed further when the exact amount of money required is known. A maximum of 16 sheds might be required and uniformity was desirable. The Parish Council would not wish to own or be responsible for such sheds. Cllr Spicer suggested Havebury could be approached for a grant.
The agreement states that anything grown on the allotments is for own or family consumption. The allotment committee suggests that surpluses might be sold for the benefit of the association. The Parish Council could see no reason why this should not happen.
Water - The Parish Council did not wish to be responsible for a water supply over which they had no control. They might be prepared to help with installation costs for a meter for the allotments.

6 - Declaration of interest: none.
The Chairman convened the meeting.

7 - Approve minutes of the meeting held on 24th July 2008:
Councillors agreed that these should be signed as a true record.

8 - Planning applications:
SE/08/1139 - 4 The Owell, Pakenham.
Erection of (i) single storey rear extension (ii) first storey extension to side over existing flat roof extension.
Councillors considered the plans and agreed unanimously that they had no objection to this application.
SE/08/1159 -Part of Mere Farm, Pakenham Road, Gt Barton
Use of land for stationing of a mobile home to supervise a free range unit.
After much discussion Councillors unanimously agreed to object very strongly to this application and to comment to St Edmundsbury Borough Council Planning Dept as follows:
We feel we have been badly let down by the granting of this consent without a 106 agreement as requested. A 106 agreement would have safeguarded the future interests of this site. A considerable number of neighbours have objected to this application and attended the Parish Council meeting to voice their objections.
There was no mention at our meeting with the applicant to discuss the poultry unit of the need for a dwelling on this site. We understand that this need was also denied at the Borough Council meeting that discussed this application.
At that meeting and in the planning application it was stated that the building would be completely naturally ventilated. We understand a reason for this dwelling may in part be the need to maintain a fan in the new building and this is contrary to the previous application and promises made to the Parish Council by the applicant.
We understood that the free range egg production unit would not require residential accommodation. The present application appears to be a major farming enterprise considerably in excess and at variance with consent for the poultry unit. It seems that the applicant is relocating his business to this site from Wyken resulting in a considerable increase in traffic movements and impact on the area.
We find this way of applying for planning consent quite distasteful, to firstly say that a dwelling is not required and then a few months later applying for a dwelling. Clearly at the time of the first application the need would have been obvious to the applicant. We understand there are a number of homes available to let or buy in the area.
SE/08/1174 - Queach Farm, Gt Barton.
Change of use of existing redundant farm building to provide
(i) BI use (Business - three workshop units) and
(ii) sul generis use (livery - four stables)
Councillors agreed unanimously that they had no objection to this proposed development.

SE/08/0758 - Woodlands, Fen Road
SE/08/0799 & 800 - 3 Upper Town, Pakenham

Andersons pit - The Chairman has written to Stephen Burgess (St Edmundsbury Borough Council) after receiving a letter from Mr McFruin following the meeting on 18th July and is awaiting his reply.  Cllr Painter asked that details of the levels of the adjoining properties relative to the digger training area are established before proceeding any further.
.2 Micklemere - Councillors agreed that Clerk should send papers relating to this case to the Appeals Inspector.

9 - Fencing at Church Wood:
Cllrs Spicer and Farthing had visited the site and inspected the fencing.  They recommended the site be fenced from the corner of Mr Ballard's field to the corner of the old school with post and wire.  More substantial fencing is needed at the rear of Church Cottages to stop dumping on the site.  Clerk to check files to ascertain ownership and responsibility of the wood.

10 - Heritage Trail: for next agenda.     

11 - Clerk's report:
Parish Plan - Suffolk Acre have requested a progress report.
St Edmundsbury BC - Big Tidy Up launch 1st September.  WI are planning another litter pick so the poster was handed to them.
Parish Council Conference - Fri 5th September at Borough Offices  to discuss boundary changes.  No-one free to attend.
Countryside Forum - Wed 24th September at Borough Offices.  No-one free to attend.
Planning Parish Conference - 29th September, Borough Offices.  Cllr Farthing hopes to attend.
SALC Planning Training - 13th October.  Two Councillors & Clerk to attend.

12 - Finance Report: attached.
Councillors agreed specified payments should be made.

13 - Correspondence circulated to Councillors:
East of England Assembly - Review of Plan
SCC- Waste core strategy issues; Minerals Specific site allocations
St Edmundsbury BC - Boundary Committee Briefing document; Standards Committee; Hedgerow Survey newsletter; Rural Youth Project
Suffolk Acre - Boundaries & AGM invitation
Suffolk Preservation Soc - Suffolk View
SALC - Local Councillor, Grant available; Conference & AGM 21st Oct; Trainings
Community safety issues - Urban & rural outdoor furniture

14 - Open Forum:
There has been another accident at Upper Town crossroads. Clerk to request the hedge is back on the corner.
Parish burial ground - a local firm of undertakers has recently left graves in an unsightly condition. A councillor will speak to them personally.
The Post Office will go on the market in September. Applicants are selected by an agency, but representatives of the Parish Council will be invited to join members of the Village Hall Committee when they interview the candidates.
It is possible that the red telephone box in Fen Road may disappear if it is not used enough. Does the village have another use for it?

15 - Date of next meeting:
7.30pm Thursday 16th October 2008, The Martin Room, St Mary's Church.

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