Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 6th March 2008

Meeting of


7.30pm Thursday 6th March 2008 In the Martin Room, St Mary’s Church

Present: Cllr H Painter (Chairman), Cllrs D Dorling, N Farthing, R Griffin, M Bryant and Borough Councillor C Spicer. Mrs M Gardiner (Clerk) was also in attendance. Several members of the public were present.

1 - Apologies for absence: Cllrs A Kibbel& M Sargent. County Councillor R Hopfensperger.

2 - Borough Councillor’s report:

Local Development Framework : Cllr Spicer told us of a meeting to be held in Ixworth Village Hall on 25th March on the Parish Plan and the Parish Council Conference on 22nd April 2008 at Whelnetham Community Centre.
Council tax bills will be distributed shortly. The overall rise in cost should be below 4%.
Areas aiming for unitary status should be decided by December 2008. Although our Police are based in Horringer, we will still be serviced by Ixworth.
Pakenham’s Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator has resigned. Thanks for her work.
Street light at The Greenwoods still under discussion. Cllr Hopfensperger will make a contribution from her locality budget towards a new light outside Misty Mere. The Parish Council will fund the remainder with the Borough Council.
Proposed egg farm : has been put on hold.
Digger training at Andersons Pit : The planning meeting may be on 3rd April, Cllr Spicer to confirm. He will attend to make representations and asked for a Parish Councillor to attend also. Planners feel that Mr Anderson has compromised by moving the activity to a far corner of the site. Highways will be consulted & Environmental Health will monitor. Cllr Spicer will request a site meeting of the Planners before a decision is made.
Councillors and members of the public asked questions: Is land designated as agricultural or as a gravel pit? Documents claim both. Has English Nature been consulted? There are owls nesting on the site and possibly great crested newts. A letter was received, via the planners, from Mr Anderson, The Parish Council asked Cllr Spicer to request the Planning Officer to confirm if the points raised are correct or to comment further.

3 - County Councillor’s report:
Cllr Hopfensperger was held up in Lowestoft. She emailed a report, which arrived after the meeting & is attached. Cllr Spicer informed us that resurfacing will take place at Manor Garth & Baileypool Lane.

4 - Police report:
No report. A surgery was held in the village and a Police Forum in Ixworth within the last two weeks. Pakenham’s Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator is standing down. The Council’s thanks were expressed to her for all her work during the years. The village needs a volunteer to take over this role. Clerk to advertise for a new coordinator.

5 - Public Forum:
Allotments: The Chairman had received quote of £900 for clearing and rotivating the area. A motion to proceed with this and to allow another £500 for rabbit-proof fencing was carried unanimously. Mr Dawkins distributed a map of the proposed allotments. He was asked to get a quote for fencing from Clarkes and to let the clerk know the cost. Prospective allotment-holders are to be asked to erect the fencing themselves. A motion to charge the same amount (£5) for all Pakenham allotments was carried. A contract will be drawn up and distributed. The possibility of grants for sheds etc will be researched by allotment holders.

The Chairman convened the meeting.

6 - Receive members’ declaration of interest:
Cllrs Dorling & Farthing expressed an interest in item 8 and left the room while Councillors discussed and agreed their motions.

7 - Approve minutes of the meetings held:
14th January & 31st January - Councillors agreed that these should be signed as a true record.

8 - Planning applications:

SE/08/0150 - Clatter Cottage, Grimstone End - Mrs C Ivory was present at the meeting.
Erection of
(i) two storey rear extension & single storey side extension
(ii) front porch
(iii) detached double cartlodge/garage (following demolition of existing rear extension).
Councillors considered the application very carefully and considered the proposed works would be in keeping with the area.  Therefore, they voted unanimously that they have no objection to this application.

SE/08/0156 - The Broadway, Grimstone End - James Reinman Marine Ltd.
Continued use of former builders yard for joinery work and soft furnishings in connection with fitting out moulded glass fibre boats for a temporary period (until 31st July 2008)
Councillors understand that use of the site is being monitored by the Borough Council. Councillors have no objection to the application.

SE/08/0208 - 2 Micklemere, Mill Road - The partner of the applicant was present at the meeting.
Change of use of existing cottage and extension into two separate dwellings (revised scheme). Temporary use of the cottage & extension as two dwellings was requested for 5 years.
The Parish Council objected originally to this extension due to its size compared with the original cottage.
There were various over-riding reasons why this was allowed in 2002 and we now feel that if consent is granted for two dwellings it will set an extremely unfortunate precedent. Car parking provision is not adequate for two dwellings, especially as car parking in the latest plan is now shown for the cottage in front of the adjoining dwelling.

SE/08/0306 – Woodstock House, Fen Rd.
Erection of first floor extension to rear elevation & porch to rear elevation.
Councillors discussed this extension and agreed unanimously that they have no objection to this application.

TPO68(1966)5 – 18 Manor Garth
Crown lift one oak tree by removing two large lower limbs.
Councillors agreed to have a site meeting before making a decision.

Applications granted:

SE/08/012 - Land to rear of Meadow House & Pightle House, Fen St.
Continued use of former agricultural land as domestic garden & retention of timber shed & post rail fence (resubmission).

SE/08/0068 - Lanick, Thurston Rd, Pakenham.
Erection of single storey extensions to front, side & rear (following demolition of garage - amended scheme)

SE/08/0064 – 21 The Owell, Pakenham.
Erection of single storey rear extension.

Rubbish on land to the west of 1Micklemere, Mill Road.
The Enforcement Officer at St Edmundsbury has sent a letter to 2 Micklemere asking for removal of the rubbish by 7th March.

9 - Tree Warden’s report:
Hedgerow Survey & Countryside Access Scheme – Cllr Dorling put a note in the church magazine to see if any group would be interested in undertaking this survey. As he has heard nothing further, the matter will be put on hold.

10 - Footpath Warden’s report:
SCC are checking on progress of reinstatement of footpath between Fen Road & Old Hall Farm to ensure that stiles etc are dog friendly. Cllrs Dorling & Griffin are checking footpaths and fingerposts. A motion was carried unanimously that when this work is completed a formal quote for the reprinting of the footpath leaflet should be obtained from Drecraft in Thurston.

11 - Clerk’s report:
Warning signs at the approach to the entrance to the new nursery school at Old Hall Farm are now in place. The footpath alongside The Owell was cleared at the request of Mr Whitwell and he has asked that walkers use the footpath & not trespass on adjacent farmland. The Borough Council has told us that street cleaning takes place regularly every 13 weeks, but that additional work can be requested.

12 - Parish Plan:
The Chairman outlined the case for Pakenham having a Parish Plan.
A motion was carried to hold a special village meeting on Thursday 22nd May to consider the format of a Parish Plan and to ensure that everyone who lives in the village has a say in its future. The meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 22nd May in the Village Hall (to be confirmed). The meeting will be advertised as widely as possible. Representatives from St Edmundsbury Borough Council and Suffolk Acre will be invited to attend.
Councillors were encouraged to attend the Local Development Plan meeting in Ixworth Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 25th March.
Parish Emergency Plans will be covered at the Parish Council Conference at Whelnetham Community Centre on Tuesday 22nd April between 4.00pm – 6.30pm.

13 - Finance Report:
A motion was put forward that the Council should make a donation towards heating and lighting of the Martin Room for our meetings. Carried unanimously. All other payments were agreed. Clerk to chase CCAS re Risk Assessment.

14 - Correspondence circulated to Councillors:
SCC - Suffolk Highways newsletter;
Safety works on A143 Bunbury junction;
School Organisation Review;
Bus service changes
St Edmundsbury - Standards Committee meeting;
Village of the Year Award;
Rural News Communities & Local Government - Code of Conduct
SALC - Bury SALC Community Speedwatch proposal;
Suffolk Preservation Society - Water issues report; programme for 2008.
Suffolk Wildlife Trust
Enjoy England
Urban & Rural Outdoor Furniture
Suffolk Family Carers
Stop Stansted expansion.
Toad crossing

15 - Any other business:
Discussion took place regarding inserting Parish Council items in the local parish magazine.
For further discussion.

16 - Date of next meeting: Thursday 10th April 2008.
The Annual Parish Meeting and the Parish Council AGM will be held on Thursday 8th May.
All three meetings will be held in the Martin Room at St Mary’s Church, Pakenham.

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