Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 31st January 2008

Meeting of


Thursday 31st January 2008 at 7.30pm in the Martin Room, St Mary’s Church

Present: Cllr H Painter (Chairman), Cllrs D Dorling, N Farthing, R Griffin.. Mrs M Gardiner (Clerk). 3 members of the public.

1 - Apologies for absence: Cllr Kibbel, Sargent & Bryant.

2 - Members’ declaration of interest:
Cllr Dorling declared an interest in SE/08/ and left the meeting for this item.

3 - Planning applications:

SE/08/0031 – The Gravel Pit, The Broadway, Grimstone End.Mr Trevor Anderson
Change of use of land for forklift and excavator training with associated tower scaffold, metal container and toilet cabinet (revised siting to that considered under SE/07/0917).

After much consideration and discussion Councillors agreed unanimously to object to this application.

Pakenham Parish Council to ask St Edmundsbury Borough Council to consider the following points:
  Present designation of land – is it agricultural or is it a gravel pit?
Councillors consider it to be agricultural as it has been used for this purpose for many years. It was a gravel pit originally but this use ceased many years ago.
  We understand this is part of a Romano-British site and would appreciate confirmation that Suffolk Archaeology has been consulted.
  Item 20 on the planning form states that four cars will visit the site and no commercial vehicles. This is clearly incorrect. May we please have a correct statement of commercial vehicles using the site.
  The Parish Council are very concerned about commercial vehicles using this narrow country lane. They cannot cross Fulmer Bridge and so will have to turn around and go back through Grimstone End and Mill Road.
  Item 21 – hours of work. On the form it seems to indicate 08.30- 17.00 although 08.30 is unclear. The letter says 17.30. In the report it states ‘occasional Saturdays’. No Saturdays are shown on the planning form.
  Design Statement – We have looked at the applicant’s Design Statement, but do not understand the inclusion of Farm Diversification as this is not now a farm.
  Noise - We are concerned about the noise report for the following reasons:
There seems to be very little evidence that houses to the NW & W have been considered and they are not shown on the map at all. We do feel that these will be affected. Moving the site has kept it the same distance from properties such as Watlands and Blackbourne.
We are concerned about the mathematics in the survey and would ask that this is considered by an expert in acoustics. Different sound frequencies do not seem to have been considered, which will obviously have an effect on the way that sound is transmitted through the bund.
  We understand from Councillor Spicer that the reversing bleepers may be turned off. We do not consider that this will meet with Health & Safety practice and we would like clarification on this before this goes to committee.
  If this application is approved we would ask how the Borough Council is going to restrict further development on this site as we consider it very intrusive into a rural area.
  We have been very concerned at the lack of enforcement action on neighbouring sites and ask how this application, if approved, will be monitored to avoid nuisance to neighbours.

SE/08/0064 –21 The Owell, Pakenham. D Starie
Erection of single storey rear extension
After due consideration Councillors unanimously agreed that they had no objection to this application.

SE/08/0102 - Land to the rear of Meadow House & Pightle House, Fen Road, Pakenham. Change of use from agricultural use to garden.
Councillors discussed this application and agreed unanimously that they have no objection to this application.

SE/08/0068 – Erection of single storey extension to front, side and rear (following demolition of garage) (amended scheme to that approved under SE/03/2374/P)
Councillors considered this application very carefully and all agreed that they had no objection.

Planning Applications refused:
SE/07/1547 – Micklemere, Mill Road, Pakenham.
Change of use of existing cottage and extension into two separate dwellings.

4 - Date of next meeting: 6th March . Venue to be confirmed.

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