Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 26th October 2007

Meeting of


Friday 26th October 2007 at 7.30pm in the Martin Room at the Church

Present: Cllr H Painter (Chairman), Cllrs D Dorling, N Farthing, M Sargent, M Bryant, R Griffin.. Mrs M Gardiner (Clerk). Approx 16 members of the public.

1 - Apologies for absence: Cllr Kibbel (late)

2 - Members’ declaration of interest:
Cllr N Farthing declared a personal interest in SE/07/1547 and left the meeting for this item.
Cllr Painter declared a personal interest in SE/07/1519 and left the meeting for this item.

3 - Planning applications:
SE/07/1547 – Micklemere, Mill Road, Pakenham.
Change of use of existing cottage and extension into two separate dwellings.
The meeting was opened to receive the views of the public. Cllr Spicer told the meeting the history of this application. The building was originally built as an extension, but is now let as a separate dwelling, for which an amended planning application is required before the property can be sold as two separate dwellings.
The owners were present to answer any questions.
Neighbours were very concerned at this development on the edge of ancient water meadows and feared that it could set a precedent for further building in the area. It will lower property prices, particularly for the next-door cottage that was formerly semi-detached and is now effectively terraced. The main issue was lack of parking facilities – at present cars encroach onto the road and are a danger to other road users.
The meeting was re-convened and the Councillors debated the proposal.
The Parish Council objected originally to this extension due to the size of the extension compared with the original cottage. There were various over-riding reasons why this was allowed in 2002 and we now feel that if consent is granted for two dwellings it will set an extremely unfortunate precedent. The car parking is not considered adequate for two separate dwellings. There is considerable local feeling against this application.

SE/07/1527 – Land part of Mere Farm, Pakenham Road, Great Barton.
12000 bird free range egg unit and alteration to vehicular access.
The meeting was opened for the public to speak. Mr Reed & his consultant were present at the meeting and explained that the building will be in a dip in the land and screened by trees and hedging. The building will have natural ventilation, with no fans, and will be cleaned out completely every 56 weeks. The muck and liquid from this cleaning will be taken away and used as fertiliser for arable fields elsewhere on the farm. Vehicular access will be on to the Upper Town/Gt Barton road and all traffic is expected to go via Gt Barton.
Members of the public asked questions and were concerned about the size of the building and the possibility of smells, as the prevailing wind will go straight over Pakenham village.
The meeting was re-convened and the Councillors discussed the matter at some length. A vote was taken and the motion not to object to the proposal carried 5 – 2.
The Parish Council does not object to this proposal, providing a section 106 agreement is signed by Mr Reed. Mr Reed has indicated that he is willing to sign such an agreement. The section 106 should state that:
(a) If the site is no longer required for free range egg production then the building will be demolished and the site will revert to its previous use.
(b) The building will not be used for any other purpose than ancillary to the production of free range eggs
(c) A maximum of 12000 birds are to be kept. The building will not be converted into a more intense unit, such as a broiler unit.
(d) No fans or other mechanical ventilation is to be incorporated into the building
(e) That screening/landscaping takes place before the building is occupied.
(f) The building is coloured dark green, including roof and feed bin
(g) All traffic to be routed through Gt Barton.
Finally, and not to be part of the section 106, the council would ask that assurance from Environmental Health Officers is given that nuisance from flies, odour etc will not be a problem before planning permission is granted.

SE/07/1561 – Land to the rear of Meadow House & Pightle House, Fen Road, Pakenham.
Change of use from agricultural use to garden.
Councillors discussed this application and agreed unanimously that they will accept the proposal with the proviso that consent will be granted without permitted development rights, in order to protect the open aspect and views enjoyed by the neighbours, particularly those at Pightle House.

SE/07/1519 – Site of former 1 & 2 Upper Town, Pakenham.
Erection of cart lodge.
Councillors looked carefully at the plans and considered that the cart lodge was screened from the road and therefore they had no objections to its erection.

Planning Applications granted:
SE/07/1356 - The Old Cottage, The Street, Pakenham, Mr & Mrs S Taylor
Amendment to previously approved scheme to include
(i) erection of two storey front extension
(ii) additional roof light to front roof slope
(iii) reposition chimney (iv) replace door in north elevation with window
(v) replace window in north elevation with 2 windows at first floor level

SE/07/1194 – Barns 4 & 10 Old Hall Farm, Thurston Road, Pakenham
Change of use from offices (Class B1) to children’s day nursery (Class D1) and parking

SE/07/1425 – Recreation Ground off The Owell, Pakenham.
(i) Resiting of children’s play area with provision of play equipment and boundary fencing
(ii) provision of teenager area with associated shelter, basketball wall & table tennis area.

4 - Date of next meeting:
Monday 26th November 2007 in the Martin Room at the Church.

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