Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 30th August 2007

Meeting of


7.30pm Thursday 30th August 2007 Village Hall, Pakenham

Present: Cllrs, H Painter, N Farthing, M Bryant, D Dorling, M Sargent. Mrs M Gardiner (Clerk) in attendance.

1 - Apologies for absence: Cllrs R Griffin, A Kibbel (late)

2 - To receive members declarations of interest: none.

3 - Planning applications:

SE/07/1194 – Barns 4 & 10 Old Hall Farm, Thurston Road Pakenham Hardwick Farms
Change of use from offices (Class B1) to children’s day nursery (Class D1) and parking.
After discussion and consideration the Council agreed that it wished to oppose this application on the grounds that the access road is already very dangerous. It is an unrestricted road and the entrance to the site is situated on an S-bend with restricted visibility. Councillors are concerned that a day nursery would mean increased traffic movements on a narrow road that already takes many cars and buses to and from Thurston Community College. We are also concerned on the impact on the dwellings situated at the entrance to Old Hall Farm. There is a public footpath, part of Pakenham’s Circular Route, which goes through this site.

A meeting with the SCC Highways Officer was arranged for 12th September. All councillors available are asked to meet at the Watermill at 2.30pm. The route will include Baileypool Bridge, Upper town junction and the windmill crossroads – Theaves Lane/Cutters Lane.

The clerk was asked to write to Mr Jacobi regarding cutting back the Russian Vine on his land; also to Chris Blanes to request removal of the caravan on the playing field car park.

4 - Date of next meeting: Tuesday 4th September 2007 in the Martin Room at the church.

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