Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 25th June 2007

Meeting of


held at 7.30pm on Monday 25th June 2007

in Pakenham Village Hall

Present: Cllrs, M Sargent, M Bryant, N Farthing, D Dorling, R Griffin.  Borough Cllr C Spicer & County Cllr R Hopfensperger were in attendance & Mrs M Gardiner (clerk).

1 - Apologies for absence: Cllrs Painter & Kibbel

2 - Police report:
Police Community Support Officer Robert Bailey attended the meeting to introduce himself and to explain the role of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams. They are aiming for high visibility and may well patrol areas on foot. He gave a crime report for the last two months, saying that there had been two burglaries from outbuildings, one assault on the police while causing criminal damage and two thefts from vehicles. These had not been notified to our Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator, but in future she will receive the same report as Borough Councillor Spicer and County Councillor Hopfensperger. It was asked that the Neighbourhood Watch newsletter be re-instated and PCSO Bailey will follow this up. Our team is based at Horringer, but if necessary, police from Ixworth could attend an incident in Pakenham. In answer to a question from a resident, PCSO Bailey confirmed that the police do drive through villages at various times of the day and night.

5 - County Councillor's Report:
(brought forward as Cllr Hopfensperger had to go to another meeting).
Cllr Hopfensperger explained the proposed safety scheme for the junction at the Upper Town cross-roads. She asked for comments by 11th July.
Parish councillors brought various highway problems to the attention of Cllr Hopfensperger:
a - hedges and verges on the road to Gt Barton need cutting. The road surface also needs urgent treatment; it needs completely re-building not just re-surfacing.
b - verges at the Upper Town cross-roads need cutting.
Cllr Hopfensperger will see if these jobs are on the list.
She told Cllr Griffin that the equestrian signs should be erected in July.
Cllr Dorling asked about the Grimstone End sign and commented that visibility at Butcher's Corner is very bad.
There is a large pothole in The Owell on the road to the telephone exchange - this road may belong to BT - Cllr Hopfensperger to follow up.
Gulley cleaning is needed in Grimstone End.

3 - Public Forum:
Stephen Murphy attended the meeting to show us an artist's impression of his plans for the James Reiman Marine Ltd site. The houses will not be connected to the main sewer, which had been a concern; each house will have its own digester.
A resident asked if the low cost housing would be available to local people. Mr Murphy explained that this would be determined by the Housing Association.
Residents told Mr Murphy that they would welcome the land being used for housing. He was asked if he was aware of the retrospective planning application made by Andersons, who own the adjoining site. He was not.
He did, however, believe that James Reiman Marine Ltd would vacate the site by the end of the year.
James Dawkins attended the meeting to explain his plans for possible new allotments on the Buggy Club site. He will advertise in the Parish newsletter and have a notice in the village hall during the Open Gardens Day.
There is no water at the site and the soil is very dry. It was suggested that sheds with water butts might solve this. Walsham have a similar site and Mr Dawkins will contact them for advice. Mechanical help will be needed to clear the site. There may be grants available.

4 - Borough Councillor's report:
Jame Reiman Marine: The problems have been on going since September 2003. The Council has not monitored complaints about heavy vehicles using narrow country lanes, or the smell. Anglia Crane Hire and large trade waste vehicles regularly use Fen Road. Cllr Spicer said that regular inspections would now take place and councillors wonder if notice will be given of these visits. Cllr Spicer was thanked for his continued help in bringing this matter to the attention of the Planning Dept.
Anderson's yard: Cllr Spicer forwarded a copy of our objections to the planning application to Jane Stanley, the Enforcement Officer. The application does not mention the low loader vehicles visiting the site. Diggers are not kept on the site for training; they travel in and out. The entrance is large enough but the entry roads are not.
Local residents have photographs of use and will forward to Cllr Spicer.

6 - Members' declaration of interest: none declared.

7 - Minutes of meetings: 21st May & 14th June 2007 were approved and signed.

8 - Clerk's report:
Hedges along Fen Road/Broadway - Mr Ballard is arranging for these to be cut back after the end of July.

9 - Planning:
Mr Bagnall enquired whether we had received details of his planning application. We had not received them. Clerk to chase.

10 - Finance:
Accounts still with Internal Auditor. Clerk to chase.

11 - cancelled

12 - Correspondence - circulated:
St Eds - Invitation to Cattle Market update 10th July. Athenaeum.
SCC - Local Safety Scheme - Pakenham crossroads
Suffolk Strategic Partnership
SALC - NALC report of Chief Executive
Unitary steructure - Ipswich
Newsletter of the year
Age Concern - Donation request
East Anglian Air Ambulance - Donation request
Stop Stansted Expansion picnic 8th July
Gipping Press

13 - Open Forum:
Cllr Farthing suggested that we go forward with a Parish Plan. Cllr Spicer said we should contact Kirsty Pittwood at the Borough for advice.
The CCTV camera is still not repaired. Clerk to chase.
The Lodge, The Street - yew hedge is overhanging road causing slippery footpath. Clerk to write to residents regarding safety of elderly neighbours.
The Dell - Cllr Dorling reported on a meeting at the Dell with the Tree Officer. He considers that 4 or 5 trees, some of which are ash trees, need removing. This work will not need planning permission. Cllr Dorling had contacted Wayne Jarvis, who quoted £600 for the work. A written estimate will be requested and a motion that the work should be carried out as soon as possible was carried unanimously. Mr Jarvis will be asked to carry out this work.
Footpaths Mrs Patterson will be asked to pass the relevant paperwork to Cllr Kibbel.

14 - Date of next meeting:
Monday 30th July at the Village Hall.
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