Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 23rd April 2007

Meeting of


23rd April 2007 at 7.30pm in the PAVILION, Pakenham

PRESENT:  Cllr H Painter, Cllr R Griffin, Cllr D Dorling, Cllr M Bryant, Cllr N Farthing and Cllr A Kibbel. 3 members of the public also attended. Mrs M Gardiner (clerk) was in attendance.



James Reiman Ltd (Shetland Boats): Residents were concerned that the renewal of planning application had been granted. Cllr Farthing had attended the Borough Planning hearing and had voiced the Council's concerns. He was told that conditions had been imposed which should solve any past problems and that all moulding work has moved to Brandon, which should cure the smell issue. Monthly visits will take place by an Enforcement Officer. A full report from Cllr Farthing was available and the clerk will send a copy of the conditions on request. Clerk to write to Planning Dept to voice our disappointment that the application was approved and to request a report after the visits.

SE/07/0852 - Nosredna, Mill Road.
Erection of single storey rear extension with accommodation in roof space. The Council discussed this application and all agreed that they had no objections.
SE/07/0917 - Land off Broadway, Grimstone End, Pakenham
Change of use of agricultural land to forklift and excavator training (retrospective).
After considerable discussion it was proposed that we recommend refusal of this application. A vote was taken, with four Councillors voting in favour, one against and one abstention. The following points were to be included in our report to the Planning Dept.
The noise of clanking digger buckets - metal on metal - and the beeps of reversing vehicles are spoiling the local residents' ability to enjoy their properties. The 28 days use, which previously applied, would have been acceptable, but operations take place five and a half days a week now!
This is a rural area and the residents would like it to remain so. The second problem is traffic. The roads leading to the site are completely unsuitable for the heavy traffic that is now using them. The road surface and the verges are suffering. A weight limit on approach roads is requested to restrict the size of the vehicles rattling past residential dwellings.
Pakenham Council & Borough Councillor Spicer have been in contact with Patsy Dell constantly for well over a year about the use of this agricultural land for quasi-industrial purposes. Local residents have monitored use of the land and recorded that operations have taken place there for many more than the 28 days that should have been allowed. We consider that an Enforcement Officer should have taken action long ago to curtail their operations.
Councillors are worried that if this application is granted, and James Reiman Marine Ltd is allowed to operate a boat-building business on the adjacent site, use of this area will change from rural and agricultural into light industrial.
Applications granted
Watermill Farm, Mill Road - amendment to listed building consents.

Pakenham Charities' trustee: Cllr M Sargent
Footpaths: Cllrs R Griffin & A Kibbel
Trees (incl The Dell): Cllr D Dorling

Police Liaison: Cllr A Kibbel. Reports will no longer be sent to the Clerk, but they will be sent to the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator. Police will no longer attend parish council meetings on a regular basis, as 17 parishes will be co-ordinated from Clare. However, Cllr A Kibbel hopes to travel to them for a monthly meeting. He was given a hotline number of 01284 774029 and will invite a member of the team to attend our next meeting to introduce themselves.
Cllr Bryant would like to see a speed limit imposed by the windmill on the C690. Clerk to contact Highways Dept.

Cllr Farthing was voted to become the third signatory in place of ex-Cllr Mangnall. Forms were completed.

A formal assessment takes place annually. A motion was proposed by Cllr N Farthing and seconded by Cllr D Dorling that this should be done professionally this year due to increased concerns about safety in The Dell. All councillors agreed. Cllr H Painter to contact the Borough Council and SALC for suitable names.

The clerk had been contacted by Stephen Murphy re development of the Shetland Boats site. It was agreed to invite him to the next meeting.
James Dawkins also requested attending the next meeting to talk about the allotments. Agreed.
Mrs Clarke requested that minutes be sent to local newspapers as well as being available on the website. It was agreed to invite her to the next meeting and invite her to become the village correspondent.
Post given to Councillors for circulation:
Borough : Local Development Framework / Rural News / Standards Committee
County : Countryside Access
Suffolk Acre : Probert Community Initiative Awards
Suffolk Preservation Society : Fieldwork magazine & Environment report.

Monday 25th June at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.
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