Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 5th September 2005

Meeting of



PRESENT: Cllr J Mangnall, Cllr P Smith, Cllr R Griffin, Cllr L Patterson, Cllr M Sargent, Cllr R Hopfensperger, Cllr C Spicer, Pc Sheena Tate, Mrs Sandy Jackson (Neighbourhood Watch) and Mrs J Brookman (clerk).

APOLOGIES: Cllr H Painter Cllr D Dorling.

1.0 - DECLARATION OF INTERESTS: Cllr Mangnall declared an interest in all matters relating to the village hall.

Sgt Sheena Tate confirmed that she would be acting as the community beat officer for the time being. Reported crimes had included three cases of criminal damage to The Pavilion, a number of youngsters are now being interviewed regarding this and if anyone witnesses any instances of nuisance they are asked to dial 999 to assist the police. It was confirmed that a vehicle had been stolen from The Owell. The police confirmed that they are working closely with Havebury regarding anti social behaviour problems in The Owell area.

Sandy Jackson proposed that a monthly Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter be produced to make villagers more aware of crimes being committed locally and to encourage everyone to be more alert. It is thought that the cost would be £7/8 per month, the first edition will be printed free to establish the exact costing. The Parish Council unanimously agreed to financially support this project. Distribution of the newsletter was also discussed.

The minutes of the meetings held on 4 July, 18 July and 5 August 2005 were approved and signed as a true record.

The clerk confirmed that a reply to correspondence regarding the oil tank in Manor Garth was outstanding. The Chairman convened the meeting.

SE/05/02148 Redcastle Farm, Brand Road, Gt Barton.
Applicant - Louise Crane.
Construction of tennis court with a 2.75 metre high fence and six 6 metre light lighting columns. No observations.

SE/05/01809 Brookfield, The Street, Pakenham.
Applicant - Mr M Bartram.
(i) Erection of single storey front extension
(ii) erection of front boundary wall and
(iii) pitched roof additions to garage and dining room as amended by letter dated 22 August 2005 and Drawing No 05.26.01A received 23 August 2005. No observations.

SE/05/01805 Fen House, Fen Road, Pakenham. Refused.

TCA05/1164 The Old Cottage, The Street, Pakenham. No objections to the 30% crown reduction of one Willow tree.

SE/05/01839 and SE/05/01840 Laundry Cottage, The Street, Pakenham. Granted.

SE/05/02075 Redcastle Farm, Brand Road, Great Barton. Granted.

SE/05/02062 Grimstone Cottage, Grimstone End, Pakenham. Granted.

SE/05/01661 Home Farm, Bull Road, Pakenham (revised scheme). Granted.

SE/05/02027 14 Manor Garth, Pakenham. Granted.


Cheques signed since the last meeting:
PVH & PFA annual fee for hire of hall
Cheques signed at the meeting:
Mr AJ Hosken - Sept wages post dated
Clerk - Sept wages post dated
SALC - Arnold Baker book
St Eds BC - planning applic bowls club
Newstalk donation
SALC Chairman's Course - Nov

The Borough Council are in the process of preparing the new lease for seven years. The Parish Council agreed to submit a planning application as landlords on behalf of the Bowls Club for the proposed new changing room building.

Cllr Mangnall provided the details of the committee for the Buggy Club. As no rent has been received for a number of years clerk to write to ask the club to ascertain their intentions as to whether they wish to use the site or to confirm that they no longer wish to use the venue with immediate effect. If the latter is confirmed they are to be asked to remove all equipment, the caravan and viewing platform.

9.0 - THE DELL:
Awaiting directions from the borough council as to whether planning applications will be needed.

The clerk confirmed that three allotments are currently in use.

Letter from Suffolk CC relating to free road safety posters and leaflets. "Parish Councils have long been recognised as an important means of disseminating information to the rural community. You can contribute to lowering road casualties in your area by placing posters and leaflets around public places. Each locality has its individual concerns, whether this is about speed, child safety or even horse rider safety. To enable you to target your local issues you can now order the appropriate publicity material free on-line."

Suffolk Scene from Suffolk Acre - Bulletin 32 Summer 2005.

Letter from West Suffolk Mind, a local mental health charity who are members of the Voluntary and Statutory Partnership in Mental Health (VASP). This is an open forum of organisations and individuals with an interest in mental health issues to support the improvement and development of mental health services in West Suffolk. One of the Forums objectives is to promote World Mental Health Day on 10 October. West Suffolk Mind has agreed as part of a partnership effort to raise awareness of mental health issues on 10 October to contact all Parish Councils asking for £25 donation towards the cost of printing promotional material for use on the day. Clerk to write to confirm they would be happy to support West Suffolk Mind but not prepared to contribute £25 for their proposed use of promotional material.

Letter from Newstalk requesting a donation towards the running costs of providing the blind and visually impaired a weekly hour-long cassette tape of local news. Donation to be sent.

Letter from Suffolk Practitioners Services Unit re Ixworth Medical Services confirming that consultation is now being sort as to "whether it is necessary or desirable to grant the application in order to secure in the neighbourhood the adequate provision of services." If the application is granted, anyone living within a one mile radius of the pharmacy will be required to obtain their drugs and medicines from a pharmacy unless they experience serious difficulty in doing so. There are approximately 2,205 patients residing within the estimated one mile radius of the proposed pharmacy. These patients are registered on the dispensing list of a doctor.

Letter from Suffolk CC re Industrial Action by the Fire Brigade's Union in Suffolk enclosing information leaflet "Fire strike - the facts".

Letter from Suffolk West NHS - Modernising Healthcare in West Suffolk. A three month consultation on plans for service changes that affect the west of Suffolk; these include service changes within the PCT, the West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust and the Suffolk Mental Health Partnership Trust.

Letter from St Edmundsbury BC re Parish Conference - Monday 3 October, 4-6.30 pm, The Athenaeum, Bury St Edmunds. The conference is intended as an opportunity for the Borough and Parish Councils to exchange information and up-date each other on important current issues. Cllr Mangnall agreed to attend.

Havebury News - August 2005.

Draft Replacement St Edmundsbury Borough Local Plan: Proposed Pre-Inquiry Changes Consultation, comments are requested by 3 October (no matters relating to Pakenham Parish).

Invitation to Suffolk Acre AGM - 15 September, 7 for 7.15 pm, Haughley Park Barn with buffet after £12.

Letter from Suffolk CC re temporary speed restrictions of 30 mph - A143 Ixworth Road, Gt Barton/Pakenham - 5 to 11 September 2005 for safety reasons during cutting back of vegetation.

Suffolk View - Newsletter of Suffolk Preservation Society - Summer 2005.

A guide from Suffolk CC to local county councillors and how they work - "Your Council 2005".

Letter from Local Works - Campaign for the Sustainable Communities Bill, requesting support for the campaign and the Bill they are trying to get through parliament namely "Campaign to end Ghost Town Britain and promote sustainable communities - The Sustainable Communities Bill." The Parish Council agreed to support the campaign, clerk to write and confirm. The Chairman closed the meeting.

It was requested that the CCTV camera and lights were placed on the agenda for next meeting.

Cllr Hopfensperger asked for full written details of the proposed two lamp posts for the request of money from the locality budget. A letter had been received from Mr & Mrs R Griffin of the Fen Road, Pakenham requesting horse signs to be placed on the A143. The request has been taken up with relevant departments and a site visit is due mid September. Cllr Hopfensperger suggested that the parish council submit a request for money from the locality budget to assist The Dell project. Cllr Mangnall thanked the County Councillor for help with advice and consequent action by the animal warden.

Cllr Spicer confirmed that a meeting had taken place with Emma Nadding, the Havebury representative to discuss issues within the village. It was confirmed that a draft legal agreement prepared by the Borough Council had been sent to Shetland Boats. Residents confirmed that work still continues with the door to the workshop open. Dialogue continues between the agents for SR Whitwell & Co and the planning department regarding the proposed agricultural dwelling on the site at Upper Town, planning officers will make their recommendations to the planning committee. It was confirmed that car maintenance including respraying was still being carried out on the road at The Owell, if the work takes place on the verge it is a highway problem which comes under the county council not the borough but it was confirmed that at times the road was blocked because of the work.

The next meeting will be held on Monday 17 October 2005 commencing at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall, Pakenham the following meeting will be held on 28 November 2005. The meeting was closed at 9.40 pm

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