Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 12th October 2004

Meeting of




PRESENT: Cllr J Mangnall, Cllr H Painter, Cllr D Dorling, Cllr L Couper, Cllr R Griffin, Cllr P Smith, Cllr V White, Mr C Palfrey and J Brookman (clerk).

APOLOGIES: Pc S Chapman and Cllr C Spicer.

1.0 - DECLARATION OF INTERESTS: Cllr Mangnall and Cllr Smith declared an interest in any matters relating to the village hall.

Cllr Mangnall reported that Cllr Speare had resigned and a vacancy for a parish councillor had been declared. Notices inviting applications for the vacancy are to be posted around the parish.

Mr Palfrey addressed the meeting on behalf of the Ixworth Branch of the Royal British Legion confirming that the Royal British Legion organise the parade and carry out the risk assessment for the parade.

A written report was submitted in Pc Chapman's absence. Since the last parish council meeting there had been one crime, theft from a motor vehicle. Pc Chapman continues to hold surgeries in the village hall, details of the next surgery are in the post office.

A written report was submitted in Cllr Spicer's absence. Cllr Spicer proposes to monitor the use of The Broadway site relating to Shetland Boats with the Enforcement Officer and link with the residents affected, concerned regarding condition no 8 which was to use the north west access.

As a ward member Cllr Spicer asked Mr Massey, Corporate Director if the 1985 application re Upper Town was still alive. Legal counsel deemed the application had lapsed, council members upheld this ruling.

The Chief Executive, Deborah Cadman much appreciated her visit to Pakenham in August.

Cllr Spicer advised that his main committee is the Cattle Market Working Party. Public consultation had considerable effect upon the Developer and Architect in respect of design of the houses and public venue, materials to be used and the link between old town and new town. The parking and access roads are being addressed by the Borough and Suffolk County Council highways. Details of all the above are to be announced in the press and to parish councils shortly.

Cllr White confirmed that the flashing lights at the Bunbury Arms junction are to be installed shortly.

The conditions placed on Shetland Boats are for an 18 month period, Cllr White to ensure that the renewal is followed through and any vehicle gaining access via the village should be noted and reported to Cllr White.

The horse warning signs have not yet been erected, Cllr White to chase.

No news regarding the Quiet Lanes initiative.

Cllr White has reported that the Broadway has considerable silting and has requested a site visit by the County Council.

Cllr White requested that the parish council continued to support Gt Barton and Ingham for improvements from the Local Transport Plan.

Cllr White had attended a Police Forum which included a CID presentation and speeding initiatives.

The minutes of the 11 August and 2 September, 2004 were approved and signed as a true record.

Clerk confirmed that white lines are to be provided adjacent to the village hall and that children warning signs are to be erected in The Street.

The Environment Agency have confirmed that they are unable to supply a survey for The Street relating to the flood plain.


SE/04/3329/P Fen House, Fen Road, Pakenham. Applicant Mr G Evans. Erection of two storey side extension (revised scheme). No observations.

SE/04/3324/LB Newe House, Fen Road, Pakenham. Applicant Mr C Spicer. Replacement of existing ladder access to cellar by part demolition of existing timber stair and installation of new timber stair and handrail. No observations.

SE/04/3237/P Priory Farmhouse, Bury Road, Ixworth. Applicant Mr & Mrs G Werrell. Erection of (i) detached double garage with workshop on first floor; (ii) pitched roof to existing utility; and (iii) two storey extension, conservatory and open porch canopy to rear/east elevation (following demolition of single storey addition).

The Parish Council's observations were that the back extension and garage are completely out of character with the front of the property and not in-keeping with the historic properties of Ixworth or a conservation area.

SE/04/3240/LB Priory Farmhouse, Bury Road, Ixworth. (i)Demolition of single storey addition and garage; (ii) erection of pitched roof to existing utility; (iii) erection of two storey extension, conservatory and open porch canopy to rear/east elevation; (iv) reinstatement of former brick wall to garden; (v) replacement of windows and door; (vi) interior alterations on first floor; (vii) insertion of rooflight; and (viii) re-rendering exterior. No observations.


SE/04/1016/P Manor Farm, Upper Town, Pakenham. Refused.

SE/04/3694/P Fen House, Fen Road, Pakenham. Granted.

SE/04/2611/LB Old Farm House, The Street, Pakenham. Granted.

SE/04/2708/P Pakenham Lodge, The Street, Pakenham. Granted.

SE/04/2924/LB Newe House, Fen Road, Pakenham - provision of stairs to provide access to cellar. Withdrawn.

SE/04/2726/P & SE/04/2727/LB Redcastle Farm, Brand Road, Gt Barton. Granted.

SE/04/2814/P Old Hall Farm, Thurston Road, Pakenham. Granted.

The clerk presented the accounts to the meeting as detailed at the Annual Parish Council Meeting. Section 2 of the Annual Accounts was read to the meeting and Sections 1 and 2 were signed by the Chairman. The clerk also advised that the finance documents were available for inspection and that the notice had been posted giving details of the period of inspection at the Parish Clerk's address.

The Auditor's had queried the reserves held by the Parish Council for the past two years, only one year's precept should be held as a reserve. The parish council confirmed that the present reserves are held for the parish car park at St Mary's Church (£12,500); management plan and work to be carried out at The Dell (£2,000 and £10,000); sand/grit bins (£500).

A financial report for the 6 months to 30 September 2004 were presented. A draft precept was proposed and is to be approved/amended when presented to the next meeting.

Cheques signed since the last meeting:-
866 Mr AJ Hosken - August wages
867 Clerk's wages - August
868 Local Council Review subscription
869 Mr AJ Hosken September wages
870 Clerk's wages - September
871 Inland Revenue
872 The Conservation Foundation - course fee JM
Cheques signed at the meeting:-
873 PVH &PFA annual hire of village hall
874 Mr AJ Hosken Oct wages and Sept overtime
875 Clerk's wages - September
876 Royal British Legion - donation
877 Pyramids - donation
878 Gatehouse - donation
Payments received:-
  EDF wayleave £6.82
  Interment fee £100.00

10.0 - THE DELL:
The clerk reported that having discussed with Alice Martin the plans proposed by Mark Bleay of Countryside, Conservation and Tree Services the way forward would be to have a management plan drawn up which would then be submitted to the Borough Council for comment/approval. It was agreed that Mark Bleay should be asked for an estimate for the management plan and also asked to liaise with Cllr Mangnall regarding work to be carried out to hedges around the dell and ivy growing over the footpath.

It was agreed that the clerk should make enquiries with Parish Council insurers to clarify the public liability situation.

It was confirmed that Cllr Painter would contact Deben regarding the purchase and installation of the additional security camera and lighting at the village hall. Cllr Mangnall agreed to obtain a CCTV sign.

It was confirmed that leaflets were available at the post office and that a reprint was not required. A notice to be placed on the notice board when erected beside the village sign to advertise the availability of the leaflets.

The work should commence in December. The parish council confirmed that 20 ml stone, the same size at the village hall should be used.

Gatehouse is a charity which runs a furniture and household goods recycling project. Approximately 4000 families and individuals in need are helped each year, 14 visits have been made on this basis to Pakenham in the year 2003/2004. Gatehouse invite you to come and look around their recycling scheme and would welcome a donation. It was agreed that at donation of £50 should be given.

Letter from St Edmundsbury Borough Council explaining that in December 2003 the role of Dog Warden changed; accordingly, to reflect the new responsibilities the job title has been changed to Animal Warden. The responsibilities still entail dealing with dog related problems and have been expanded to include the licensing and inspecting pet shops, riding establishments, dog boarding and breeding kennels and any animal related premises that require licences. Also deal with other animal related complaints such as noise and odour but not welfare complaints as these are the responsibility of the RSPCA. Any animal related problems in the Parish should be notified to this department.

The Licensing Act, 2003. The government has now made an order to the effect that the period for transition regarding The Licensing Act 2003 will commence 7 February 2005. The Borough Council must have adopted and published its Licensing Policy Statement before this date, to be able to carry out its licensing functions under this Act. The Council has now published a draft statement of licensing policy and can be viewed on

A free talk is being offered by Routes to Advice Project. A 40 minute talk highlights the rights that individuals have in area such as welfare, benefits, housing, debt, employment, relationships and discrimination. This is a Social Care Services initiative.

Flood Action Update, September issue.

Letter from Friends of Pakenham Windmill requesting help with the cost of repairs and painting to help keep the windmill in good condition. The Parish Council are invited to look around the mill and see what needs to be done, painting and tarring work has just started at the cost of £4,000, this needs to be done every 4 years if possible, and a donation would be appreciated. It was noted that in 1997 £500 had been precepted for this charity upon receipt of details of it's constitution and trustees. Clerk confirm that these had not been received to date. Clerk to request these details and confirmation of the charity status and report back.

Letter from Pyramids requesting financial support for the Playbus service. £100 donation agreed.

Woolpit Medical Services have applied for an extension to the period before opening until 1 November 2006, this was approved by the Pharmacy and Dispensing Sub-Committee.

Notice of a Modification Order and copy of the Order adding bridleways in the parishes of Pakenham, Thurston and Norton from Suffolk County Council.

Invitation to Havebury Rural Housing Seminars to be held 29 October.

Victim Support Suffolk requesting a contribution towards their service for Victims of Crime. Request declined.

Letter from Mrs Weaver outlining difficulties experienced by delivery vehicles trying to locate Upper House, Upper Town, Pakenham. Cllr Painter to contact owner and request the house be clearly named.

16.0 - OPEN FORUM:
Cllr Mangnall confirmed that the post box is emptied on Sundays and has requested that the delivery tags are replaced.

Clerk to establish if Anglia Water have a clearing out regime for all the storm drains on a regular basis.

Cllr Couper reported that the grants for Local Transport Scheme have been stopped but that the information collated in the report could be used to lobby local bus companies.

Cllr Mangnall confirmed that she has attended the Police Forum held at Ixworth Police Station and the Bright Ideas meeting with Havebury; the Community Action meeting scheduled for the 15 October had been postponed.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 23 November 2004 in the Village Hall commencing at 7.30 pm and the following meeting will be held on 11 January 2005.

The meeting was closed at 10.05 pm.


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