Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 11th June 2001

Meeting of




PRESENT: Cllr. D. Dorling, Chairman; Cllr. J. Mangnall; Cllr. B. Chester; Cllr. L. Couper; Cllr. A. Cox; Cllr. H. Painter; Cllr. P. Smith; Mrs. V. White, Borough Councillor; Mrs. P. Griffiths, Clerk; P.C. J. Kidd.

1. APOLOGIES: There were no apologies.

2. MINUTES: The minutes of the meeting held on 30th April 2001 were approved and signed as a true record.

3. MATTERS ARISING: Footpath No. 1 was still boggy in places. The Assistant Rights of Way Officer had requested the name of the landowner of the adjacent ditches, with a view to having them cleaned out.

4. BOROUGH COUNCILLOR’S REPORT: Councillor Dorling congratulated Mrs White on her success in the recent County Council elections. Mrs White reported that following the recent public consultation on the future form of the borough council, those who replied were of the opinion that they did not want an elected mayor. This week she would be looking at the planning applications that were on hold in view of the recommendations of the parish council. They would be reviewed at the July meeting. The Rural Initiative Capital Programme had funds available for projects such as Village Halls and Mrs White encouraged the parish council to apply. Regarding recycling, there was to be a trial kerbside collection of newspapers, cans and plastics. If it was successful it would be implemented throughout the borough. Mrs White asked whether Pakenham would be willing to take part in the trial if volunteers were requested; the parish council agreed that they would.

5. POLICE MATTERS: P.C. Kidd said that only three offences had been reported since January. In addition, a complaint had been made about the nuisance caused by cars racing on the recreation ground car park. A Special Constable had done a patrol of the area but had not seen anybody there.

i) Removal: Following past accidents, one of the planters had been permanently removed from the village hall car park and therefore needed to be deducted from the list of assets.
ii) Additions: It was agreed that the Church Green Interpretation Board be added to the village assets and insured for the sum of £250; also the four Village Tourist Trail signs be added and insured for the total sum of £600.


The following cheques were approved for payment:
Mr. A. Hosken, Extra hours worked
Mr. A. Hosken, June wages
Mrs. P. Griffiths, June wages
Clerical expenses

The accounts and supporting statements for the financial year ended 31st March 2001 were approved by the council.


Past Applications

Planning permission had been granted by the borough council for the following:

i) Fenhurst, Bull Road - erection of two storey and first floor side extension and single storey extensions;

ii) Whitings, Fen Road - erection of single storey garden room to form link;

iii) Land behind rear gardens of 28-33 The Owell - change of use from allotment land to garden use.

New Applications:

i) Pakenham Water Mill - internal and external alterations, extensions and partial demolition associated with use of premises as dwelling and visitors’ centre. This application had been reviewed at a special meeting attended by several members of the public and a letter sent to the borough council expressing concern about the increased traffic flow.

ii) Crossways Farm, Brand Road - Outline planning application for agricultural workers dwelling. There were no objections.

iii) Hamling House, Bull Road - erection of enclosure over swimming pool. There were no objections.

iv) Beaumonts Hall Farm - erection of farmhouse and attached garaging. There were no objections.

v) Ravenna, The Street, Pakenham - application to remove branches and reduce height of seven Poplar trees situated within a conservation area. The parish council felt that branch removal should be kept to a minimum and that the work should be supervised by the borough tree officer.

i) Application had been made by the licensing agents to transfer the Justices Licence for the sale of intoxicating liquor at The Fox public house from Jeffrey Smith to Richard Weaver and Naimi Acres.
ii) A letter had been received from St Edmundsbury Borough Council stating that the next Homes Strategy Review and Update meeting would be held on 5th July. The principle of the transfer of the borough’s housing stock to a Housing Trust, and the consequent changes which could emerge, would be discussed at this meeting.

i) Councillor Cox suggested that a book be placed in the village post office in which visitors and residents could make comments about the local footpaths, for example stating where brambles needed to be cut back. It was agreed that this was a good idea and Councillor Dorling said that he had some tourist information leaflets which could be placed with the book.
ii) Councillor Joan Mangnall said that she had been asked about the mowing of the burial ground. Councillor Chester said that he had chased this up and it had now been attended to.
iii) Councillor Chester said that the Bowls Club had made an objection to a line on the lease agreement and it had been returned for amendment. The alteration would not affect the parish council’s responsibility in any way.
iv) Councillor Chester had received a letter from St Edmundsbury Borough Council enquiring about the use of the land at Church Green. Since leasing the land, the parish council had inserted posts and erected information boards and the grass path would be cut four times this year. It was agreed that the lease be continued as at present in order to avoid further expense to both parties.
v) Councillor Dorling mentioned that pot holes had appeared in some roads again following the recent spell of wet weather. The clerk was asked to write to Suffolk County Council requesting that at least temporary repairs be made to the worst pot holes, particularly in the vicinity of Fen Road, Baileypool Lane and The Owell.
vi) Councillor Smith said that he had attended a recent planning seminar organised by SALC and had found it very interesting. His notes from the meeting and a leaflet on Good Practice in Development Control were circulated for the information of the council.

11. DATE OF NEXT MEETINGS: It was agreed that the next meetings be held on 6th August and 17th September 2001. Mrs White asked to be excused from the August meeting as she would be away on holiday.

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