Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 5th March 2001

Meeting of




PRESENT: Cllr. D. Dorling Chairman; Cllr. J. Mangnall; Cllr. B. Chester; Cllr. L. Couper; Cllr. P. Smith; Mrs. V. White, Borough Councillor; Mrs. P. Griffiths, Clerk.

APOLOGIES: Apologies were received from Cllr. H Painter and Cllr. A. Cox.

MINUTES: The minutes of the meeting held on 15th January 2001 were confirmed and signed as a true record.


i) The Assistant Rights of Way Officer had written to say that wood chippings would be spread on the boggy area of footpath No. 1. The parish council did not feel that this would be sufficient and asked the clerk to request that road planings be laid to provide a more permanent surface.

ii) Councillor Chester said that he had tried unsuccessfully to contact the Buggy Club to ascertain whether they would be staying in the village. If they were leaving, the area needed to be cleared and tidied. The grass cutting would also have to be extended to include the site so that it did not become overgrown. Discussion took place on alternative uses for the area, including the possibility of a hard tennis court.

iii) Leases had been exchanged with the Bowls Club and both parties had signed the agreement. Councillor Chester was waiting to hear further from St. Edmundsbury Council who were completing the legal work.


i) In response to a question from Councillor Dorling, concerning the periodic electoral review, Mrs. White said that the commission had not accepted their recommendation that Ingham be included in Risby Ward. Further draft recommendations were awaited.

ii) Mrs. White had been to see Mr. Jim Nunn, Western Area Highways Manager for Suffolk County Council. He had said that although there was an increase in funding it was to cover the next five years and there would be no overnight improvements. Most of the money would be spent on the main routes into town. The clerk was asked to write to Mr. Nunn, pointing out the areas around Pakenham that most needed attention, particularly (a) the Bury side of Hungry Hill on the A143, where there is a low point in the road which is often flooded; (b) the Thurston Road Crossroads corner, where residents wait for buses and a footpath is needed; and (c) the footpath leading from The Street up Church Hill, particularly where the low retaining wall is crumbling and the gulley on the opposite side to the church is frequently blocked. In addition the clerk was asked to write to Thurston Parish Council asking them to urge the Highways Department to attend to a dip in the Thurston Road outside the bungalows. Water flooding the road at this point following heavy rain was causing dangerous traffic problems.

iii) Mrs. White said that she would continue to investigate what could be done to improve safety at the Bunbury Arms crossroads and also press for general highway improvements.

iv) A grant of £10,000 towards the new Village Hall had been approved.

v) Mrs. White was asked to find out whether St. Edmundsbury Borough Council had a policy to cover the recent sale and dividing up of Micklemere with the resultant potential for conflicting uses and the inevitable temporary building or caravans, which had already appeared.


i) Change of use from office to ancillary residential accommodation at Nether Hall. There were no objections..

ii) Erection of two storey and first floor side extension and single storey extensions at Fenhurst, Bull Road, Pakenham. There were no objections.

iii) Change of use of agricultural land to boarding kennels at West View, Brand Road, Great Barton. There were no objections.

iv) Erection of detached double garage with store/workshop on first floor at the rear of 33 The Owell. The parish council objected to this application as they were concerned that access was along an informally used track and that the store/workshop might in future be used as residential accommodation. They also felt that the number of windows in the proposed building was excessive and that it was too large for the site.

v) Demolition of cottage and outbuildings in a conservation area at Willowdene, The Street, Pakenham and erection of two detached houses with garaging on the site. The council objected strongly to this proposal and a separate letter was being sent to the planning department by Councillor Painter


The following cheques were approved for payment:
Street cleaning for February
Street cleaning for March
Clerk’s wages for February
Clerk’s wages for March
Clerical expenses


i) An application had been made for an Occasional Public Entertainment Licence at The Barn, Manor Farm, Pakenham on 7th July 2001. The council had no objection.

ii) The East Anglian Air Ambulance Service had written to ask for assistance with fundraising. The council considered it to be a worthy cause but felt unable to help on this occasion.

iii) St. Edmundsbury Borough Council submitted a summary of their review of local air quality. Pakenham was not particularly affected by any of their findings.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Complaints had been received following a recent funeral, that spoil had been levelled off and thrown on top of some sunken graves. The clerk was asked to write to local funeral directors requesting that this did not happen again.

DATES OF NEXT MEETINGS: The Annual General Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting were to be held at The Village Hall on 30th April 2001. Following that, the next parish council meeting would be on 11th June 2001.

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