Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 24th January 2000

Meeting of




PRESENT: Cllr. D. Dorling; Cllr. J. Mangnall; Cllr. B. Chester; Cllr. L. Couper; Cllr. A. Cox; Cllr. H. Painter; Cllr. P. Smith; Mrs V. White, Borough Councillor; P.C. J. Kidd; Mrs. P. Griffiths, Clerk.

APOLOGIES: There were no apologies.

MINUTES: The minutes of the meeting held on 22nd November 1999 were signed as a true record.


i) Councillor Dorling said that Mr. Thrower had cut the hedge and repaired the fence, but he was still waiting for the steps in the Dell to be reconstituted.

ii) Councillor Smith said that he had checked the street light plan and number 6 was definitely missing.

iii) Land at Church Green: The area had been tidied up by the village wildlife group, but Councillor Chester was asked to obtain a quotation for the path area to be strimmed. Discussion took place on the advantages and disadvantages of leasing the land and on the continuous obstruction of the entrance by parked vehicles from neighbouring properties. It was eventually agreed that the boundary be marked by thick posts embedded in concrete. Councillor Painter also said that he would arrange for a suitable sign to be erected.

iv) Councillor Smith said that he had reviewed the parish council insurance policy. There was no cover for libel or slander and the clerk was asked to write to the insurance company and enquire about this.

POLICE MATTERS: P.C. Kidd said that there had only been two reported incidents of criminal damage since the last meeting. He had approached Mr. Plant of Jubilee Grange regarding Neighbourhood Watch and he had been very helpful, although at present he was a little wary of being the village co-ordinator for the scheme.

BOROUGH COUNCILLOR’S REPORT: Mrs White said that she was not entirely satisfied with the information given by Mr. Watson of the Suffolk County Council Traffic Department. She would continue to press for further improvements in the area. With regard to the Buggy Club, they had been sent a business rate demand of nearly seven hundred pounds. St. Edmundsbury Borough Council had, however, said that they were able to make a special grant of 75% to any sports club not making a profit. Councillor Chester said that the Club would be very happy to hear this as they were having a special meeting to decide whether to withdraw from the village in view of the high rates bill. This would be a great loss as they were one of the foremost clubs in the country and had spent £10,000 on remodelling the allotment site.


Past applications

Permission had been granted for the following:-.

a) erection of first floor front extension at Half Acre, Fen Road, Pakenham

b) erection of single storey extension at Pakenham Water Mill, Mill Road, Pakenham
The application to build a single storey dwelling adjacent to Watlands, Grimstone End, Pakenham, had been withdrawn

New applications

a) Application had been made for non-compliance with Condition 3 to allow extended garage building to be let as a separate unit from main house at The Lowe, Fen Road, Pakenham.

b) Application had been made for erection of replacement grain store at Beaumont Hall Farm, Pakenham

VILLAGE HALL NOTICEBOARD AND BRICK PLANTER: Mr. Tipple had repaired the notice board and it had now been fixed to the wall of the village hall. A quotation of £175 had been received for the replacement of the brick planter and a claim was being submitted to Cornhill Insurance to cover the cost of this.


The following cheques were approved for payment:
Mr. D. Thrower, hedge cutting and fence repair
Mr. G. Cocksedge, wages for January
Mr. G. Cocksedge, wages for February, post-dated
Mrs. P. Griffiths, wages for January
Mrs. P. Griffiths, wages for February, post-dated
Price Waterhouse Cooper, audit fees
Clerical expenses 22.11.99 – 24.01.00
Mrs. S. Baker, letter heading
S.G.M. Landscapes Ltd., grass cutting


i) Mr. & Mrs. Wilcockson of Bramble Cottage, Fen Road, had written to request permission to create a parking space opposite their house. The clerk was asked to let them know that they would have to apply directly to the landowners, namely Suffolk County Council and Mr. Morley of Old Hall Farm.

ii) Rethink Disability had sent a request for a donation to their funds. The clerk was asked to write and invite their fundraising manager to a future parish council meeting.

iii) Suffolk County Council had sent a letter to all parish councils suggesting that they might like to contribute towards the funding of highways projects in their area. The opinion of Pakenham council was that this should not be necessary.

iv) St. Edmundsbury Borough Council were undertaking a review of the Local Plan and informed the parish council that there would be an open consultation period from 28th February to 27th April 2000.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Councillor Smith said that he would be attending the forthcoming SALC meeting..

DATES OF NEXT MEETINGS: The dates of the next two meetings were confirmed as 6th March and 17th April 2000.

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