Minutes of the annual meeting held on Thursday, 29th May, 2014

following the PAKENHAM PARISH COUNCIL Meeting at the Village Hall

Present:  Cllr H Painter (Chairman); Cllr M Bagnell Cllr D Dorling, Cllr C Palfrey, Cllr I Brookman, Cllr R Griffin, 
Mrs S Brown (clerk) took the minutes.  

1 - Election of Chairman: Cllr Dorling proposed Cllr Painter this was seconded by Cllr Palfrey. Cllr Painter accepted and signed the Declaration of Acceptance form.
2 - Election of Vice-Chairman: Cllr Painter proposed Cllr Dorling seconded by Cllr Brookman. Cllr Dorling accepted.
3 - Record Councillors’ apologies for absence: Cllr Sargent sent her apologies which were accepted.
4 - Declarations of interest:-
Cllr Bagnell and Cllr Painter declared an interest in item 12c Planning Application DC/14/0848/HH West View, Brand Road, Great Barton – Porch on front elevation.
Councillors are reminded of the need to update their register of interests: No Councillors needed to update their register of interests
5 - County Councillors report: Nothing further to report from the Parish meeting.
6 - Borough Councillors report: Nothing further to report from the Parish meeting.
7 - Police report: Nothing further to report from the Parish meeting.
8 - Public Forum: No member of the public wished to speak.
9 - To consider the approval of the minutes of the last meetings:-
The minutes of the meetings held on 23rd April 2014 were approved and signed as a true record.
10 - Reports from previous meeting: No reports from previous meeting.
11 - Clerks Report:-
The tree surgeons have been informed of the Council’s decision. Jarvis Tree Services will obtain the appropriate planning permission from St Edmundsbury and will contact the clerk when they will be undertaking the works.
Jonathan Chown Broadband Officer for SCC is able to attend the June meeting on Thursday, 26th June.
There has been one burial in the lawn cemetery since the last meeting.
Millers Meadow possible use of barn as residential accommodation: The clerk has spoken to planning and they have passed the issue to the enforcement department reference: EN/14/0092. They have informed the clerk they normally take
one month to come back to tell you the outcome of the enquiry. 
Shetland Boats query on the use as a boat yard and time constraints. The last planning application to pertain to this appears to be: SE/09/0092 Continued use of former builders’ yard for joinery work and soft furnishings in connection with fitting out moulded glass fibre boats for a temporary period. Granted to 31st October 2009 with conditions. There do not appear to be any further planning applications referring to this. Council asked the clerk to write to the planning department noting this has expired and how they propose to deal with this. Clarifying the Parish Council does not wish to have the situation where there is an established use. The Borough needs to ask the owner of the Boatyard to apply for proper planning permission as this needs to be formalised.
12 - Planning applications:-
DC/14/0791/LB – Mulberry House, Church Hill
Listed building application reinforce & stabilise leaning retaining boundary stone/flint wall: Council discussed Cllr Brookman proposed and Cllr Griffin seconded.
Unanimous decision no objection. 

DC/14/0848/HH- West View, Brand Road, Great Barton
Porch on front elevation:
Cllr Bagnell and Cllr Painter had declared an interest and left the room. Council studied the plans and discussed the application. Cllr Griffin proposed and Cllr Dorling seconded.
Unanimous decision no objection.

DC/14/0260/FUL–Oak Farm–erection of stable: granted

Cllrs Painter and Bagnell rejoined the meeting
No further applications had been received.
13 - Correspondence:-
All correspondence was distributed to Councillors this included:-
Clerks & Councils direct, Suffolk View, two donation requests, East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices & Avenues Group Optua East Anglia, a letter received from Mr & Mrs Harrison & reply (of which SALC was informed & verified the reply), A letter from an allotment holder was read out notifying Council some plots were not being worked & asking if the Allotments could be advertised more in the Village. The clerk advised she had visited the Allotments and 2 full plots and one half plot appear unworked.  One of these plotholders have paid up to date the other two have not. The clerk has written a reminder the rent is due and if they no longer wished to work the plots to let the clerk know. Council asked the clerk to contact the allotment holders by letter as per the tenancy agreement. If the Clerk does not hear from them in 21 days we will assume they no longer require the allotment.  An email had been received asking if the hedges along the road past the church going toward Thurston by Nether Hall could be cut back. Cllr Hopfensperger is aware of this issue and will be bringing it to Highways attention. An email had been received from St Edmundsbury with an invitation to attend a focus group to discuss potential budget savings and income generation ideas on Wednesday 11 June, no Councillor was able to attend.
14 – Cemetery:-
a. Memorial survey: The last survey was carried out in 2010 by Hanchets, they informed the Clerk last year this should be carried out every 4years and they would be happy to carry it without charge. Council asked the clerk to contact Hanchets to carry out a survey of the memorials in the Lawn Cemetery. 
b. Plaque & scattering of ashes request: The clerk had received a telephone call and email asking if the ashes of a family’s father who had resided in Pakenham could be scattered under the Silver Birch tree in the meadow next to the lawn cemetery and a plaque placed on the tree. The ICCM informed the clerk as the Parish Council own the land they could allow this but to be mindful of creating a memorial garden if one is not required at the present time. Council discussed the matter the Council have no objections to the ashes being scattered within the Lawn Cemetery however there are no facilities to allow a plaque to be erected. If the family wishes to erect a plaque it was suggested they contact the Church to place one in the garden of remembrance. Clerk to contact the family.
15 - Vision 2031:-
Cllr Painter reported he could see no matters arising for Pakenham within the document.
16 - Land ownership (deeds):-
Cllr Brookman reported copies of the deeds had been obtained and he will let the clerk have a copy.
17 - Finance Report and to consider payments to be made:-
Current account held a cleared balance of £2682.82 at 31/3/14, the uncleared balance of £16,321.88 this includes precept and grant of £12,878, HMRC VAT repayment of £395.86, allotment rents of £80 and two burials of £400. The deposit account held a cleared balance of £6662.78 this includes £6.66 annual interest payment. Cllr Palfrey proposed and Cllr Griffin seconded payment of invoices to be made.
a. To approve and adopt year end accounts and sign Annual Return: The clerk advised the internal audit report had been completed by Mr Malcolm Saunders who reported: I have examined the books and vouchers of the Parish Council and hereby certify that I am satisfied in all aspects and also that the Receipts & Payments Account supplied truly represents the financial position of the Parish council as at March 31st 2014. Councillors had received a copy of the end of year statement, supporting notes, significant variances and notes for Auditor before the meeting. Cllr Brookman queried the higher cost of professional fees for year 2013/14 the clerk advised this figure included use of SALC for the payroll and the H & S report. Council had no further questions, the Chairman and Clerk (RFO) signed and dated the Annual Return on behalf of Council for year ended 31 March 2014. The clerk advised the notice advising electors of their rights had gone up on 19 May and the records would be available from 2 June to 27 June 2014.

b. SALC subscription invoice no: 14308/14387 for £322 A cheque no:1402 was raised for £322 and signed by Cllrs. Painter and Dorling.

c. M. Saunders internal audit inv: 15/07 £95: A cheque no: 1403 was raised for £95 and signed by Cllrs Painter and Dorling.

d. Insurance premium policy no:11/AC/00005635/06 with AON £587.46: A cheque no: 1404 was raised for £587.46 and signed by Cllrs Painter and Dorling.

e. Invoices received after the agenda has gone out: Cllr Brookman invoice from Suffolk Record Office re Parish Council deeds £25.40: A cheque was raised no:1405 for £25.40 and signed by Cllrs Painter and Dorling.
18 - Councillors’ reports and items for future agenda:-
Cllr Palfrey reported the owner of Millers Meadow had approached him after the last meeting asking for the name of the person who reported the possible occupancy of the barn. He had advised the owner he was unable to disclose this information. 
It was advised a large branch from a tree owned by SCC was lying on the ground in Manor Garth. The clerk to inform SCC to ask for it to be cleared.
Cllr Dorling reported branches from a tree in the Lodge were overhanging the pavement behind the bus shelter. Also shrubbery/tree was overhanging the pavement from Bridge House and The Cottage. The clerk to write to the owners asking if they could cut them back. 
Cllr Painter advised a member of the public had come forward to take over the role of Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for the Village. The next meeting to be held on Thursday, 17th July at 7pm in the Village Hall all Councillors were welcome to attend. The Chairman advised he had contributed £20 from the Chairman’s fund for the hire of the hall. Cllr Brookman reported he had noticed more patrols by the police in Fen Road.
Cllr Painter advised he had received information on defibrillators which cost in the region of £1300. A lot of villages are putting them in village halls there was the possibility of getting a grant or trying to raise the monies to consider purchasing one for Pakenham Village Hall. To place on next agenda.
Cllr Griffin handed over a letter of resignation to the Council as he felt he was unable to continue as a Councillor and was looking forward to enjoying his first few years of retirement. The Chairman thanked him for all his hard work over the last ten years. The clerk to inform the returning officer.
19 - Date of next meeting:-
Thursday, 26th June 2014 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.25pm
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