Village News - Pakenham Charities 2005


The Trustees of the Pakenham Charities will be meeting in early December, when the annual allocation of available funds for individuals and organisations will be decided.

In accordance with the terms of the charities, small one-off grants may be made to Pakenham residents with a specific need for assistance, and to elderly residents for heating.

Grants are also made to local organisations which benefit Pakenham residents.

Pakenham Educational Trust

Applications for grants are invited from :

a) young people residing in Pakenham who are undertaking post-school education or

b) village organisations with an educational purpose

Enquiries and applications will be dealt with in strict confidence and should be made to:-

Mrs Maggie Cohen,
Clerk to Pakenham Charities,
5 St Mary's View,
IP31 2ND
Tel: 01359 232965

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