Village News - Phoebe Landymore 2003

We mourn the loss of Phoebe Landymore. A lady full of good forthright Suffolk humour. Those of us who knew Phoebe well always felt that although she was small in stature, she was big enough to handle any of us. Phoebe, whose eyes sparkled in fun, would point her walking stick at you and say "You'll get this round your backside if you don't stop being so cheeky!". 

Every week she would have an order from our little shop because, like all the old folk, she had always had a delivery over the years and "it was so important that the local shop survived". Village facilities were very important to Phoebe. We thank her for that.

When we billed her order we would always put kisses along the bottom - we forgot once and when she came down to pay on a Saturday, we were told in no uncertain terms that she expected to see kisses every week! Phoebe was very flirtatious really.

Although she had terrible trouble with her asthma and congestion of the lungs and at times she could hardly put one foot in front of the other, she was always ready with her wit and gentle soft smile.

For those of us who knew her in everyday life, she was totally respected by all. We will miss her so.

Jan & Max.

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