Village News - Betty Dyer (19.07.1929 - 11.11.2003)

A Tribute to Betty Dyer
as spoken at Betty Dyer's funeral 19.11.2003
by Margaret Tipple

I feel that I am honoured to say a few words in memory of Betty - not that we were neighbours since I live down the Fen and Betty and Eddie lived in the middle of the village but Betty and Eddie's mat at the door said "Welcome".

Having been involved with the village hall for many years it certainly felt as if they were neighbours. You may ask why I am saying this. As you know many functions have taken place for our fundraising, but little is known about how Betty was always working in the background. I think you call these people the backbenchers.

Many a time I personally forgot to take the cutting knives; forgot to take the draw tickets - and have sometimes panicked. But there was no need to panic. Dear Betty was across the road reassuring, confident, helpful and with her reassurance of "don't worry".

As many of you will know there was never a raffle held without Betty and Eddie, whatever the function or location.

Betty was unassuming.

I think of the times we had a cake stall when the lovely sponges would turn up without us even needing to ask for her to donate them. Betty was dedicated to whichever organisation she belonged to and she gave her whole!

I also remember her love of singing. In church her voice was a pleasure to listen to. Whether sitting in front of her or behind we always listened to the beautiful singing. We will now miss this within our church family.

Finally, the beautiful garden - a bolt hole for everybody that visited - every plant known by name and how to look after them. I personally remember growing seeds and having too many plants. They found a home with Betty and Eddie. What then happened? Mine did not mature but their plants flourished and mocked me for many years.

So Betty, there are bricks in the new village hall with your name on them.

And as you passed away on 11th November 2003, Remembrance Day - we will always remember you with love and affection.

Thank you.

God Bless.

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