Village News - Christian Aid Results 2001

Christian Aid Week 2001
£465, up by £63
£645, up by £87
£1026, up by £202
£578, up by £78
Christian Aid Week this year has been incredibly successful. totalling £2714. Congratulations and many thanks to all who gave their money, and equally importantly their time, to this achievement.

Why not make this Christian Aid Year? Here’s how:

Follow the example of one of our pensioners. Have a Christian Aid box – ask me for one – and put a pound in it each week. That’s £52 in a year.
Open an account with Charities Aid Foundation, if you pay tax, and put a regular amount into it. CAF claims the tax back and adds it to your account, and sends you vouchers or cheques to make your charity gift.
Better still, ask to join a "Give as you Earn" scheme if your employer or pension provider is in one. This works like CAF, but your contribution is deducted from salary or pension before tax; this year the tax man will add an extra 10% to your account.
All your money will go to making life easier for those in other countries who need it, and encouraging them to stay settled in their natural surroundings.

Roger Mangnall,

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